Deploy360 Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

Know Java? DNSSEC4J Developer Looking For Comments, Code Review, Etc

Are you a Java developer? Are you interested in DNSSEC? If so, developer Adam Fisk is looking for your help!

Adam has developed a new open source DNSSEC resolution and verification library called “DNSSEC4J” and available on Github at:

As he recently posted to the dnssec-deployment mailing list, Adam is looking to make this a generic library for DNSSEC that could be used in any application context. Right now he is looking for Java developers who can provided comments, code reviews and any other feedback on the library.  If you are interested you can either interact with the code repository on Github or view/download the raw code.

Kudos to Adam for launching this new library and to the NLnet Foundation for funding his work.

I added his new effort to our list of DNSSEC developer libraries and look forward to adding more projects like this to that page.