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RIPE IPv6 Training Courses

If you’re located in Europe, Central Asia or the Middle East then you may want to check-out the list of forthcoming IPv6 training courses being organised by the RIPE NCC.

The RIPE NCC offers both Basic and Advanced IPv6 Training Courses that are normally held together:

The Basic Course is a 1-day training that explains the IPv6 protocol and addresses, the differences with IPv4, how to create an addressing plan and configure IPv6, transition mechanisms, and finally how to go about deploying IPv6.

The Advanced Course is a 2-day training that covers the use of the OSPFv3, BGP4+ routing protocols, DHCPv6 for host configuration, security, troubleshooting and IPv6 address management.

You must be a staff member of an active Local Internet Registry (LIR) in the RIPE region to participate in these training courses. Registration is free although travel and accommodation expenses are not included.

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