Internet of Things (IoT)

OTA Response to NTIA IoT Green Paper

Today the OTA responded to the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) request for comments on the IoT Green Paper.  The DOC plays an important role in helping to address the mounting security and privacy risks associated with the rapid rise in the use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.  Society and the global economy are witnessing an unparalleled level of innovation being brought forth from the introduction of thousands of new IoT devices. While it is important to recognize there is no perfect security or privacy, all too many IoT devices appear to be designed primarily for convenience and functionality.  

Unfortunately to-date multiple U.S. Government agencies are fragmenting the industry by asserting conflicting and overlapping roles and principles. Rather then re-invent the wheel, we recommend the DOC work cross both US Agencies as well as other international efforts and drive reconciliation of efforts.  Doing so will provide significant benefits, offering market certainty and help ensure society has the potential to reap the benefits and promise of IoT.  OTA’s submission underscores the need for increased focus on the following key areas;

  1. IoT Security; A Collaborate & Shared Responsibility
  2. Defining Scope & A Common Taxonomy Cross USG
  3. Global Perspective & Free Flow of Data Cross Borders
  4. Privacy & Consumer Control of the Data
  5. Devices & Data Transferability
  6. Vulnerability Reporting
  7. Voice Interfaces