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Skilled African network operators to boost their continent’s Internet development

Today, the Internet Society issued a news release announcing that it is donating 150 000 USD to the African Network Operators Group (AfNOG) to support networking expertise within Africa as well as assist the development of the AfNOG program by supplying leadership expertise and program management.

Internet Society has been at the forefront of Networks Operation capacity building since its early ages through the early INET workshops that trained many of the pioneers of Internet around the world but most particularly in Africa. The Internet Society has also been supporting continuously AfNOG ever since it was established more than a decade ago. It is now pleased to continue supporting AfNOG’s Network Technology workshops. It is the strong belief of the Internet Society that we need increasing number of skilled human resource for the ever-expanding Internet and this agreement will have a considerable contribution to insuring that Africa has the right skills for the coming years which are expected to show major transformation of the continent, through the Internet.  

An exciting new aspect of the fellowship program is its focus on women. The Internet Society believes that it is now high time for African women to participate in the building and operation of the African Internet infrastructure, which is why it has given an increased emphasis on women’s participation in the fellowship program.