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V6 World 2015 in Paris is starting soon…

banner_v6world2015_1100We are in Paris and getting ready for now traditional V6 World 2015 Congress, that is part of MPLS/SDN conference going on at the same time. I’ve been invited to speak at all three of the past events and this fourth one is no exception. Together with Sander Steffann, RIPE Address Policy WG co-chair and my co-author of RIPE-554 and RIPE-631 documents, we’ll do a shared presentation about the RIPE BCOP Task Force progress, a global BCOP update and for the first time in public – a discussion about our current thinking on how would we like to approach the delicate task of updating the RIPE-554 document.

There are multiple things that we need to look at while doing that to be sure that we don’t break the delicate balance between the document being up-to-date and not changing the document number very often. Many people see the change of document number as a big problem as currently they are using it and referencing to vendors when they are buying the equipment (and we went through that pain already with updating and obsoleting the RIPE-501 with RIPE-554).  On the other hand, many RFCs referenced in the document changed, we found some small mistakes and also we got some really good suggestions about how to even improve the document.

Finally the pain of not updating it outgrew the pain of changing the document, so we are all set and ready to rock’n’roll again through the editing process and through community consensus process after that.

If you are around, we’ll be on stage on Wednesday – come and listen to the talk and find us around. We are always happy to chat and get new feedback on all things Internet 🙂