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Friday Humor – Hipku Encodes An IPv6 Address As Haiku

hipkuFor your Friday enjoyment, here is the IPv6 utility you never knew you needed – Hipku will encode an IP address as haiku.  For instance, here is the IPv6 address of our Deploy360 website:

Chilled apes and fat smew
aid chilled ace ace ace ace ants.
Ace ants aid ace clans.

Now, I’m not personally sure that helps me a great amount… but it’s certainly something amusing to try on a Friday.  You may get something more memorable for your address. 🙂   You can visit the site at:

and get the actual source code on Github at:

It does work for IPv6 and IPv4 addresses and if you click on the link for your current IP address (under “Example”) you’ll get a nice page with an image behind it.

As author Gabriel Martin explains, he did this entirely for fun … and he does go into great detail about how he did it all.

Anyway… have fun with it!

P.S. And when you are ready to get serious about implementing IPv6, please head over to our Start Here page to find resources designed to help you get started today!

P.P.S. And if you are asking yourself, “why would I remember an IPv6 address? That’s what DNS is for!”  We agree… and we also think DNS should be made secure!  If you aren’t familiar with DNSSEC, why not learn about it today?