Vint Cerf: We Need To Move To The Production Version Of The Internet (IPv6)

We need to stop running the experimental version of the Internet and move to the production version of the Internet running IPv6!  This was one of the key points made by Vint Cerf in a Google+ Hangout back in April 2014.  We wrote about the event then, but today on World IPv6 Launchiversary it is definitely worth sharing again.  As Vint notes, when the Internet was first being created, it was always a grand experiment.  Many of the folks involved thought that at some point we’d leave the “experimental” Internet behind and move to the “production” version… but yet many people haven’t yet made that leap!  Vint asked everyone to contact their Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and ask when they will be able to get IPv6… and we’d ask you again to please do that today!

The interview with Vint Cerf covers a wide range of topics about the Internet… if you have some time it’s a great video to watch.  And then… if you haven’t yet moved to the production version of the Internet, please visit our “Start Here” pages to find out how you can get going with IPv6 today!

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