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Your New Year’s Resolution for 2014 – Does It Include IPv6, DNSSEC or BGP Security?

2014Happy New Year! Welcome to 2014! We’re VERY excited for this next year and look forward to bringing you another year of the best in real-world deployment information to help you make your networks better, faster, more complete and more secure!  We’ll be continually adding more resources about IPv6, DNSSEC and routing security – and we may add in some more topics, too!  We’ll be holding ION conferences around the world. We’ll be writing on our blog and posting video, audio, slides and more to all our various sites and services. We’ll be speaking and participating at events from ICANN, IETF and many, many more.

We’re looking forward to 2014 being a great year!

How about you?  What are your plans for 2014?  Have you made a New Year’s Resolution yet?  If so, does it include IPv6, DNSSEC or BGP security?

If not, we’d encourage you to consider one of these as a goal for 2014:

  • Implement IPv6 within your office (or home) network. View our IPv6 resources for ideas.
  • Set up your DNS resolvers to perform DNSSEC validation – there’s a great whitepaper that shows how easy this is!

Those are just a few thoughts… we could keep on going, but you get the idea – let’s make 2014 the year that IPv6 and DNSSEC get deployed!

What are you going to do?  And how can we help you?

Happy New Year!