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Can You Help With A Quick Survey About The ICANN DNSSEC Workshops?

dnssecIf you have ever attended – either in person or remotely – one of the DNSSEC Workshops that have taken place at ICANN meetings, could you please take just a couple of minutes to complete this survey about the workshops?

After a great DNSSEC Workshop at ICANN 48, the program committee (of which I am a member) is starting to plan for the next DNSSEC Workshop on March 26 at ICANN 49 in Singapore.  As we do that planning, we’d really like to hear from participants about what they find most valuable in the workshops.

We’d particularly welcome any comments left in the open text box near the end of the survey.  What else could we add to the workshops?  Do you find them helpful as you go out and deploy DNSSEC?  Is there anything we could do to make them better?

Please do let us know!

Thank you,

Dan (on behalf of the ICANN DNSSEC Workshops Program Committee)