Deploy360 Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

Speaking Live On VUC Podcast About DNSSEC And VoIP/UC on Friday, May 3

VUC logoWould you like to chat with me (Dan York) about DNSSEC and DANE and how they might work with voice-over-IP (VoIP) and unified communications (UC)? Or would you just like to listen to my views on the subject?

If so, you can join in to the live “VoIP Users Conference (VUC)” conference call / podcast at 1:00pm US Eastern on Friday, May 1, May 3, 2013.

Based off of some of the information I shared in my SIPNOC presentation last week about DNSSEC and VoIP, I’ll be giving an overview of both DNSSEC and DANE and then opening a conversation about what possibilities there might be to use DNSSEC/DANE to provide a higher level of security to VoIP and other forms of IP telecom.

I’ll also be pointing people to our new “DNSSEC and IP Communications” page where I’m starting to list some of the VoIP tools and services out there now that work with DNSSEC (and I’m looking for more items to add).

To join the call, you can either connect in to the Google+ Hangout at 1:00 pm US Eastern – or alternatively call in via the SIP, Skype or regular old phone numbers listed on the top of the VUC page for the episode. There is also an IRC backchannel where text chat occurs during the episodes.

If you can’t listen live, the show will be recorded and you can listen to it later.

I’ve been a participant in the VUC shows for several years and it’s a good group of people and always some interesting conversation. They happen every Friday normally at 12 noon US Eastern – but due to a scheduling conflict I’m going on at 1:00pm.  Do tune in tomorrow and join us in the conversation about DNSSEC and VoIP!