Identity Privacy

Write Your Own Definition of Personal Data

A micro blog for a micro survey.
What if you could decide what online data is covered by privacy and data protection laws?
Why should that data be protected?
How would you define "personal data"?
Earlier this year, in preparation for a workshop organized by the Internet Society at the WSIS+10 Review Event – “The New PII: Privacy-Impacting Information”, the Internet Society invited its members and others to voice their opinion on these topics. 
We received and analyzed responses from Europe, North America, Africa, Latin America and Asia. The views expressed reveal some common themes, while at the same time highlighting that perspectives vary. Also, as you might expect, there were a number of different reasons offered by respondents as to why personal data should be protected online. 
The definitions of personal data provided by respondents tended to fall into two approaches: (a) a list of categories of data or (b) a description of the characteristics of the data. However, one respondent proposed a two-factor approach: consent + purpose.
We invite you to read our report and to go to the survey to add your opinion.
We will keep the survey open until the end of the year, looking in from time to time to see what views have been added. With your help, we hope to gather views from all across the world that will help inform the Internet Society's policy work in this area.