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Video: IPv6 in the Enterprise: Real-world Deployment Experiences (ION Sao Paulo)

Check out this video from ION Sao Paulo last month, where Cameron Byrne (T-Mobile USA), Valdinei Rodrigues dos Reis (Universidade Estadual Paulista), and Arturo Servin (LACNIC) discussed how they deployed IPv6 in their own networks. From the session abstract:

IPv6 has been available from the Regional Internet Registries for 15 years now. Where are enterprise organizations on their path toward full IPv6 adoption? Panelists will discuss their experiences deploying IPv6 in organizations, the technical and organizational challenges they faced, and the current status of their deployments.

(The video is not translated or subtitled, so you’ll get two presenters speaking in English and one in Portuguese. If you speak both languages, you’re in luck!)

All the videos are available from the ION Sao Paulo agenda.