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Video: Advancing the Network: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Headed (ION Sao Paulo)

At last month’s ION Sao Paulo, our Dan York  moderated a forward-thinking panel with Tom Coffeen (Infoblox), Alex Felipelli (Akamai), Daniel Fuchs (Datora Telecom), and Demi Getschko (NIC.BR). Panelists discussed successes from the past year in moving things like IPv6 and DNSSEC forward, and their ideas for how to improve the network even more going into 2013. From the session abstract:

Panelists will examine the progress made in cutting-edge network advancements, such as IPv6 and DNSSEC, over the past year. As part of this discussion, participants of World IPv6 Launch will share their experiences and summarize results of this industry milestone, when thousands of websites, network, and electronics vendors permanently enabled IPv6. Overall, expert panelists will share important lessons learned in the deployment of new technologies and provide insight into the future of the Internet networking landscape.

The full video of the session is available:

One of the panelists, Alex Felipelli of Akamai, had a few slides to share:

ION Sao Paulo -Alex Felipelli: IPv6 Adoption for Web Traffic from Deploy360

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