Slides: SIP and IPv6 – Can They Get Along?

Last week at the SIPNOC 2012 event in Virginia, I gave a presentation about how the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) can work with IPv6 and what some of the issues are around deployment.  I emphasized the fact that SIP works over IPv6 and then took a step back to talk about the basics of IPv6 before diving into more SIP- and VoIP-specific issues.  There was some great discussion and I learned later that a number of people took photos of my slide about SIP and NAT. 🙂

To that end, my slides about SIP and IPv6 are now available online for your viewing and/or downloading.  I did record the event on video – and at some point here I’m aiming to publish that to our YouTube account.  Meanwhile, enjoy the slides…

SIP and IPv6 – Can They Get Along?

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