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Webinar TODAY on IPv6 Security By Researcher Joe Klein

Want to understand the security aspects of IPv6?  In about 8 hours, at 4:00pm US Eastern on June 20, 2012, security researcher Joe Klein will be giving a presentation on “IPv6 – Security Threat or Stronger Defenses?

The webinar/webcast/whatever-you-want-to-call-it is part of a series of information security seminars scheduled through BrightTALK.  We have no affiliation with either Joe Klein or BrightTALK, but we’ve interviewed Joe before about DNSSEC security and based on that think this should be an interesting presentation.  The abstract for the session is:

For the last 15 years, IPv6 has been specified and tested, and is now embedded in many of our operating systems and devices.  The presentation will discuss the current IPv6 threat and mitigation landscape, covering a long history of compromises while also discussing methods that allow new security frameworks and innovative defenses that are not available in the current IPv4 Internet

There is no cost for attendance, although you do have to provide BrightTALK with all of your contact information. Presumably an archive will be available for later viewing if you are unable to watch it live, as that is typically how these sessions are structured.