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Cisco Blog: 5 Steps For Building Your IPv6 Address Plan

Cisco Blog siteToday over on Cisco’s “Borderless Networks” blog, Jim Bailey had a great post up tackling the issue around how you create a plan for your IPv6 address space: “Integrating IPv6 Into Your Network: Five Steps for Building Your IPv6 Address Plan“.

Guidance on planning your IPv6 addressing is definitely a topic I have in our queue to add to our list of IPv6 resources, and Jim’s post hits the main points in my mind.  The primary point, to me, is:

Do NOT be shackled by legacy IPv4 thinking!

Just because IP address allocation “was always done this way” in IPv4 doesn’t mean that you have to carry those same allocation processes across into IPv6. You have a chance to think about it a bit differently.

He also makes the point that you need to think about how you assign IPv6 addresses. Are you going to use stateless address autoconfiguration (SLAAC)? or DHCPv6? (or a combination thereof)

The post is a good read and the topic is worth thinking about as you plan your IPv6 networks.

P.S. And with World IPv6 Launch coming up in just over a month, are you getting your IPv6 network ready?