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Looking for IPv6 Training or Courseware? Check Out RIPE NCC's Offerings

Interested in taking training classes about IPv6?Looking for IPv6-related courseware? Or IPv6 exercises you can use in your own training classes?

As we’ve now noted in our resource directory, RIPE NCC, the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for the European region, offers an IPv6 training course available to RIPE NCC members – and offers IPv6 courseware available to all.

You can see the outline for the RIPE NCC IPv6 training class at:

RIPE NCC members can attend any of their upcoming courses happening throughout the region.

If you are NOT a member of the RIPE NCC, their IPv6 training courseware available to all for free at:

The slides they use are there and are updated periodically. They also provide a number of exercise worksheets that can be used in training classes as well as a very handy IPv6 Subnetting Card and a very useful guide on “Preparing an IPv6 Addressing Plan.

Additionally, RIPE NCC provides an e-learning page with a few video case studies relating to IPv6 as well as a list of other IPv6-related resources.

Check it all out… and we greatly appreciate RIPE NCC making their material available to all!