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2 Months To World IPv6 Launch… Have You Signed Up?

There are just 2 months left until World IPv6 Launch on June 6, 2012 –

Have you signed up to join the launch?

Will your website be accessible over IPv6? Or if you are a service provider, will you be making IPv6 available to your customers?  If you will be able to participate, just head over to

and sign up as a World IPv6 Launch participant.  Let the world know that you, too, are joining in to this massive event!

And if you are not yet planning to participate, how can we help you get started?

We’ve got tons of resources that can help:

We also have a steady stream of new Deploy360 blog posts related to IPv6 and posts related to World IPv6 Launch. You can also follow World IPv6 Launch activities directly in social media and interact with others who are launching IPv6:

Please join in … sign up as a participant… and please let us know how we can help you get started with IPv6!