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Deploy360 Stickers and Pens!

Working remotely, I was delighted to receive a package recently from my colleague Megan down in our Reston, VA, office that was full of Deploy360 stickers and pens!  One Deploy360 sticker now is nicely on the back of my iPad and another adorns the cover of my laptop. (Yes, I’m that kind of person who puts stickers all over his laptop cover.  Provides an easy way to make sure no one grabs my laptop in a sea of other laptops. 🙂 )  The pens are also awesome and I’m looking forward to using them as my writing instrument of choice.

Would you like to receive a Deploy360 sticker or pen?  Just find us at one of our upcoming events and we’ll do what we can to get you one!

Deploy360 Stickers and Pens