Internet Governance

Brazilian Workshop

Hi guys,

I just wanna to highlight the brazilian best practice forum regarding the ongoing project in Brazil to create a Internet Bill of rights in the country.

This is an innovative project to create a bill of law that will address Intenet use principles, Intenet users rights, ISP liability and many others Internet-related issues. The project had two public consultation phases and it received contributions from all over the world and from all multistakeholders. Now, we are waiting for the final version of the bill, after the end of the second consultation phase.

I’m not working with this project, but I have been following very close, since I have been studing the bill and I made some contributions to the group that has address it at the Brazilian National Telecom Agency.

If you feel interested:R/N 9: Brazil best practice: Bill of Rights. Wed., 15/09/2010 – Room 8.  11:30-13:30.

The english version of the bill is available at: