Internet Governance

Youth & IG – The Way Forward

The main purpose of the workshop was to continue fostering the process of youth and future decision makers involvement in the IG process issues and to showcase all related initiatives. Thes workshop explored the emergent issues faced by youth (more than +18 years) with case examples of Egypt, Brazil and Finland, among others. Some of the key issues discussed were the need to create a Safer Internet for young people and while doing so ensure that there is continuous awareness to encourage the youth to participate in the IGF Locally and Globally. The Youth need a Global Youth Internet Taskforce that will allow for young people to share experiences and communicate! To encourage Youth Participation especially in ’Emerging Markets’ there’s need to ensure;

  1. Cyber Activism
  2. Cyber Space is appreciated and recognized as a new Public Space
  3. Vibility

The Youth need eLeaders and eChampions to identify with, in this digital age.