Beyond the Net Funding Programme Medium or Large Scale Projects

Beyond the Net Funding Programme funds innovative projects from the Internet Society Chapter/SIG community seeking to improve the quality of people’s lives in all parts of the world, by providing them meaningful access to an open, trusted and global Internet.

Beyond the Net Medium and Large Grants looks for innovative ideas that advance the Internet Society Mission and contribute to the empowerment of people through projects focused on local impact.

It supports mainly projects from the Internet Society Chapters and SIG members. If you are interested in submitting an application, contact the nearest Chapter to discuss your project idea.

The selection of the applications is a competitive process where every application has the same chances. Before starting your application visit our “Resources Page”.

To learn more about the grant process, as well as tips and tricks for success, participate in one of the upcoming Info sessions.

Focus Areas:

1. Access and Development

Not Everyone is Connected yet. Does your project promote the idea of an open Internet? We’re looking for projects that support this by helping to provide equal Internet access for everyone, including empowering communities to build and maintain their own networks.

Example: Internet training projects in underprivileged communities, starting a Community Network, IXPs, etc.

2. Open Standards, Security and Resilience

The global routing system is not as secure and resilient as it could be. Does your project help implement best practices for the use of open standards or increased security? We’re looking for projects that help make the Internet a safer place and improve the confidentiality of data while maintaining the principle of the open Internet.

Example: Cybersecurity, data protection or encryption, privacy tools for common home devices (home routers, controllers for smart devices), development of guidelines for companies, on how to collect and use personal data in more privacy-respecting ways.

3. Policy environment

Not everyone has a voice in how the Internet is run. Does your project contribute to a local, regional or global discussion of policy issues that affect the open Internet? We’re looking to support projects that continue the conversation about how issues such as online security, privacy, IoT and human rights relate to the Internet.

Example: Develop regional programs for policymakers to encourage them to take an active role, create user awareness campaigns and training to inform them about trust, privacy, personal data protection, IoT, Human Rights, etc.

4. Internet to enable sustainable development

The Internet has been recognised as a critical enabler of social and economic change and offers new ways of addressing development challenges.

Does your project use the Internet for addressing developing challenges? We are looking for projects that contribute to demonstrate the potential that the Internet has to improve people’s lives by focusing in three key development areas: Education (SDG 4), Gender Equality (SDG 5) and Future of Work (in the context of SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth).

Examples: Programmes that use the Internet to improve education, projects that empower women through the Internet, training projects for developing digital skills for the future.


We fund medium and large projects as follows:

  • One-year projects up to 10,000.00 USD
  • Projects up to two years up to 30,000.00 USD


Beyond the Net Medium and Large grants focus on initiatives from our Chapter Community, therefore are eligible for funding:

  • Internet Society Chapters in good standing, that meet at least the minimum Chapter standards as outlined in the Chapter’s Charter
  • Internet Society SIGs may apply for projects with a global scope. If their project has a local implementation, then SIGs would have to work with a local Chapter. The application in this case would need to be submitted by the Chapter in question.
  • Individual members of the Internet Society or local organizations wishing to apply, must work exclusively in collaboration with a local chapter and define the respective responsibilities before applying. The application must be submitted by the Chapter that will also be responsible for the funding received (if approved).
  • Applicants from countries where there is no Chapter presence must contact prior to submitting an application.
Are not Eligible for funding:
  • Chapters/SIGs in formation or in rejuvenation.
  • Chapters with 2 ongoing medium and large projects.
  • Chapters/SIGs with ongoing projects for which reports have not been submitted.
  • Proposals that do not follow the Programme Application Guidelines.

How to Apply

Before applying make sure you have:

  1. A Chapter Zoomgrants account, individual members applications will not be considered.
  2. Review the Application Guidelines.
  3. Review Grants Resources to help you plan and write your application.
  4. Participate in one of the upcoming Info sessions.
Applications are now closed.

Project proposals will be selected through a competitive process and results will be announced in September.

Selection Criteria

We want to ensure project have a high success rate, so we have rigorous selection criteria. We look at a number of things like:

  • Originality
  • The long-term impact of your project
  • The impact on people’s lives of your project
  • Is your community involved?
  • Can the other chapters replicate your project?
Selection Committee

The Beyond the Net Medium Large Grants Selection Committee is responsible for the review, evaluation and selection of applications, in accordance to the approved selection criteria and guidelines, in a manner that reflects the values and mission of the Internet Society.

Selection Committee members

  • Alex Blom, Netherlands Chapter
  • Amrita Choudhury, India Delhi Chapter/SIG
  • Charles Geiger, Switzerland Chapter
  • Destiny Tchéhouali, Québec Chapter
  • Fatema Kothari, SF Bay Area Chapter
  • Helio Costa Lemes, Brazil Chapter
  • Jacky, Yu-ki Ng, Hong Kong Chapter
  • Janvier Ngnoulaye, Cameroon Chapter
  • Jean Baptiste Millogo, Burkina Faso Chapter
  • Kodzo G. Adomey (Marcus), Ghana Chapter
  • Liza Garcia, Philippines Chapter
  • Luis Martinez, Mexico Chapter
  • Mohit Saraswat, UAE Chapter
  • Sarah Kiden, SIG Women
  • Sneha Tambe, India Mumbai Chapter
  • Zahir Qasrawo, Palestine Chapter

The programme is administrated by Mrs Ilda Simao.

Grantee Requirements

Beyond the Net funding brings great opportunities, but also come with some responsibilities. All of these responsibilities are designed to help your project succeed, and allow us to share what you learn with our membership.

The Internet Society requires every grantee to report on the project progress, by submitting an interim and final (narrative and financial) reports. Both reports must be submitted together on a schedule established in the Internet Society’s Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), or as modified in subsequent correspondence.


The project should begin within 12 months (1 year) of receiving your award notification, and you should request funds from the Internet Society within those first 12 months. Your project should finish within 24 months (2 years) of the award notification, and you should request any remaining funds before this date.

Project Changes

Project changes must be communicate as early as possible to the Programme Manager, so they can be discussed and get the approval from the Selection Committee.

Significant project delays require a written request, please complete the Extension Form outlining the reasons for the delay and emailing it to Ilda Simao at

Crediting the Internet Society

Please credit the Internet Society in any performance of your project, or anything you write about it, with this sentence: ‘This project was made possible in part through a donation from the Internet Society’ and include our logo anywhere you use this text. Logos in different sizes can be requested from

Narrative and Financial Reports

Reporting on your grant is not only necessary for proper oversight of the project or to ensure accountability, but also serve as a valuable learning tool for grantees and Internet Society. We greatly appreciate your straightforwardness and thoughtful review of your project experience.

Grantees are requested to submit interim reports every 6 months, starting from the date of recognition of the grant. At the end of the grant period a final report must be provided. Please refer to your Award Letter for complete information on the due dates of your reports.


  • Please refer to your grant Award letter for the scheduled due dates of your reports.
  • The Narrative report should give a description of the project progress, please include all points mentioned in the section below for Interim and Final Report. These ones can be completed in Word format.
  • The financial report should include expenditures incurred as well as the balance of funds not expended through the reporting period. The respective invoices must accompany financial reports.
  • The Chapter President should sign each Narrative and financial report.
  • Report must be uploaded online via ZoomGrants. For any questions, please contact Ilda Simao at
What to include in your Interim Reports

You must have the following information in your Interim Report:

  1. Date of report (month/year)
  2. A description of the activities undertaken by the project during the reporting period
  3. Discussion of the performance to date against the goals of the project
  4. Outcomes & achievements
  5. Lessons learned and disappointments
  6. Any changes in the design of the project and implications for future work
  7. Any additional information that would be useful to the Internet Society community for purposes of an interim report.

Please use the following Beyond the Net Large Grants Report Template (.docx) to provide a project update.

What to include in the Financial Report

The financial section should report on how the Internet Society funds were spent to fulfill the grant purpose only. Invocies for each expense must be kep for audit purposes.

Please use Beyond the Net Financial Report template to specify how funds were used for the project. The completed template must be submitted at the same time as the written report.

What to include in the Final Reports

You must have the following information in your final report:

  1. Date of Report (month/year)
  2. A brief overview of the entire project
  3. A description of the activities undertaken by the project during the final reporting period & results
  4. A list of publications and/or deliverables created and funded through the Community Grants Programme, if applicable (copies are welcome)
  5.  The project team’s evaluation on the impact of the project in the community who was expected to benefit from the activities, including specific details and examples that verify the impact
  6. Methods of disseminating the information gained from completing the project to the wider Internet community
  7. Ideas and suggestions on how the project may be replicable and/or sustainable for continued community benefit
  8. Any additional information that would be useful to the Internet Society or the wider Internet community for dissemination and knowledge sharing.

PLEASE NOTE: The Internet Society will make public information about projects that are funded, particularly the outcome status and reports. This is done to disseminate the information about projects to the larger Internet community as well as encourage interested and eligible parties to apply for funding. Final project reports will be published in full, including contact points.

Release of Grant Funds

The Internet Society may withhold scheduled grant payments until it has received properly completed narrative and financial grant reports. Please refer to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for more information concerning the release of grant funds. Late reports may result in the delayed payment of funds.

Unexpended Funds

Funds that are not expended or encumbered during the grant period should be returned to the Internet Society unless the Foundation makes written authorization to extend the award beyond the original end date of the grants.

Exchange Rates

The grantee will need to bear any fluctuations in exchange rates over the course of your projects.


If you have any questions please contact

2018 Projects

In 2018 application cycle 49 applications were received, and after a thorough reviewing process, 15 amazing projects were selected.

These projects are at the core of our mission, and will use the Internet to develop Community Networks in underserved areas, to empower women through ICT, as well as bringing awareness on Internet policies around the world.

This is the result of months of effort from our Chapter Community. Many discussions, numerous clarifications and proposals, updates, and revisions from the Beyond the Net Selection Committee. We are proud of you all.