Beyond the Net Funding Programme Chapter Small Projects

Chapter Small Projects Funding extends its support to small-scale projects that address a unique need of the local community or Chapter.

2018 Application


The objective of this funding is to support, not only events, but also small initiatives such as learning opportunities, skill development, and networking with local entities or even Chapter membership campaigns, marketing campaigns etc.

This initiative is intended to assist Chapters on an annual basis (per calendar year) with financial support to fund small projects. Moreover, funding obtained through this might enable the Chapter to secure additional sponsorships or other support for the Chapter’s initiatives and activities.

Programme Objectives
  • To provide Chapters with funding to organize initiatives that contribute to the development of the Chapter and local community.
  • To strengthen the impact of the Internet Society’s initiatives and activities globally by stimulating complementary local action. To promote greater synergy and alignment with Internet Society activities at the global level, thereby enhancing the impact of the Internet Society’s mission;
  • To engage members and the delegates of a Chapter around a common activity within the Chapter;
  • To help identify new leaders who can take chapter activities;
  • To provide an opportunity for fundraising for the Chapter;
  • To assist in developing new or strengthening existing relationships and partnerships at the local level;
  • To create or increase visibility for ISOC’s mission in the local community.
Eligibility Criteria

Read on Beyond the Net Eligibility Criteria here


There is maximum USD 3,500 available per calendar year for every chapter in good standing

The funding could be used for:

  • Projects that support membership development incl development of promotional material, logistics to organize a recruitment event/campaign
  • Projects that increase the visibility of the Chapter
  • Event /training space and logistics; Promotional materials, media coverage and marketing;
  • Food and beverages; Speaker accommodation and travel;
  • Other supplies and incidentals (please specify in your application).
  • Not more than 15% of the funding can be used to compensate  project management costs.

How to Apply

Chapter Small Projects applications must be submitted by 30 November. Applications received between 1 and 31 December will be considered as applications for an event /project in the following year.

To apply for Chapter Small Project Funding you need to: 

  1. Inform the Chapter Board member about your project idea, decide together if your idea is valuable and in line witht the Chapter objectives.
  2. Create a general Chapter Zoomgrants account rather than an individual account in the name of a specific chapter officer.
  3. Complete the Online Application Form via Zoomgrants *at least 30 days* in advance of the planned project.

Apply via ZoomGrants(tm)

  • Answers to the questions in the Zoomgrants form can be submitted in English, French and Spanish. 
  • A Zoomgrants tutorial can be downloaded here (PDF).

As part of the evaluation process, be ready to provide any additional information about your application.

If you are Successful

  1. Sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)  via Zoomgrants once the application has been approved
  2. Share any project related news, updates, photos & invitations with the Chapter Development team at before, during and after the project with consent to allow the Internet Society to use photo(s) of the project in Internet Society communications.
  3.  Submit a post project report (both narrative and financial) within 30 days after the project. Follow the guidelines below.

Reporting Requirements Written and Financial 

As part of the follow-up for an Internet Society (ISOC) Chapter Small Project Funding, ISOC requires that every Chapter submit a final report no later than 30 days after the conclusion of the project.

All reports have to be submitted through Zoomgrants by logging into the same account that has been used by the chapter to apply for the funds:

Submit your report via ZoomGrants™

Chapter Small Project Funding reports have two sections: a written section and a financial statement.

1. Written section

The written section of the report is an opportunity to describe the project’s achievements, results and impacts. The forms for the written report are available in Zoomgrants. The report does not need be lengthy but should include all issues that are important to the projectt’s success, with a focus on the post-project impacts.

2. Financial statement

Please use the Financial Report Template available in Zoomgrants to specify how funds were used for the project. The completed template must be submitted at the same time as the written report.

If you have any questions regarding the written or expense reports and/or the due dates, please contact