Katie Bengaard

Katie Bengaard

Senior Manager, Civil Society

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Katie joined the Internet Society as Senior Manager, Civil Society in May 2017. Katie’s role is dedicated to empowering Civil Society stakeholders around the world to participate in and engage with the Internet Society and its mission. To this end, Katie supports activities that advance the Internet Society’s commitment to Civil Society. These activities include capacity-building, strategic communications and partnership development. 

Her responsibilities in this role build upon her previous work in Civil Society as digital marketing and communications lead for Enset, a Public Interest Registry program dedicated to advancing the missions of Civil Society organizations online. Katie brings more than 15 years’ experience in international communications, content strategy and corporate social responsibility in public, private and third sector organizations. 

She holds a master’s degree in International Communications Management from The Hague University in the Netherlands and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.  

Katie is based in Reston, VA.

Image credit: © Jordi Ruiz Cirera/Panos

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