25th Anniversary – ICOMM17: Chapter Celebration Nodes

The Internet Society’s 25th Anniversary is a time to celebrate the past achievements of our community and also a moment to look at the future of the Internet and the Internet Society. And we want you to be part of the celebration!


At the special edition of InterCommunity, 19 September – our global “InterCommunity” membership meeting – we will kick-off with the presentation of the new class of Internet Hall of Fame inductees. After the ceremony, we will pass the program to our nodes around the world for community dialogue on topics from the Internet Futures report.

And let’s not forget – we need to celebrate our 25th anniversary.

All Internet Society chapters are invited to organise a local “Celebration Node”. We will provide a small amount of funding to help you with your event, along with a Celebration Box with Internet Society promotional materials.

We will also be providing collateral branded materials (with the new logo and look and feel) and give-aways, allowing every chapter to feel part of this unique moment and creating a feeling of a global community coming together as one.

How will it work?

Chapters are encouraged to organise a local ‘Celebration Node’ during ICOMM17, with a minimum of 15 participants. They will act as viewing nodes and share the content of ICOMM17 with the local community while celebrating the 25th anniversary. This is also an ideal time to invite potential new members and to promote your local Chapter activities.

Chapter Requirements:

  • Organize an event with a minimum of 15 participants
  • Share the event on social media with pictures, write a blog or make a short video of the activities and post using the hashtag #thenext25
  • Send Internet Society staff the city, location, time (in UTC) and link to a local webpage with more details. This information will be posted on the ICOMM17 webpages.

The Internet Society will provide the Chapters with:

  • Funding up to USD 1,500.00 to organise a networking/social event (e.g. breakfast, lunch, dinner or a reception depending on the timing of the event)
  • A Celebration Box
  • Give-aways

Applications are now closed.

Disbursement of Funding

In order to begin the disbursement of funding the Chapter is required to sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in agreement with the Internet Society (ISOC) Terms and Conditions.

Funding will be paid only to the Chapter bank account indicated by Chapter board members at the time of the submission. Only in exceptional situations will the Internet Society (ISOC) consider another payment process. In this case, the bank form (located in the application request) should be signed by the Chapter President and two (2) board members.

Reporting Requirements

Along with pictures, videos or event blog articles, Chapters are required to provide a financial report, 30 days after the event, based on the budget submitted and approved via ZoomGrants. The chapter is also requested to keep all invoices for audit purposes.


Call for applications  12 April – 30 June 2017
Information Session 23-25 May
Approval Process July 2017
Celebration Box & Collateral August 2017
Submit pictures/video stories etc By 1 October 2017

Any questions?

Feel free to contact

You may also read more about our 25th Anniversary plans.